Founder Haylee Harrison's Go-To Clean Pregnancy Products

August 27, 2021
During pregnancy, the body goes through a lot of changes. Many women are also forced to change up their usual beauty and skincare routines. Whether it’s seeking out non-toxic and clean ingredient pregnancy products or finding a product that addresses an issue they’ve never experienced before, finding a new beauty routine to get you through those 9 long months is no easy task.
Lucky for you, our Co-Founder and Mama-to-be, Haylee Harrison is sharing some of her favorite and most effective go-to pregnancy products!
Before I got pregnant, I had heard one of the main side effects would be temporary hair loss. Fortunately, I haven’t been experiencing this on my head, but instead seeing the hair loss on my body, lashes, and brows! Don’t get me wrong, the body hair loss is a major win but the lashes and brows - not so much. To help with this issue I’ve been applying my Lash Treat to my lashes nightly. Pro tip - I’ve been applying it to my brows too! I’ve already seen a lot of new growth in under three weeks and I love that Lash Treat is both clean and paraben-free. This is especially important when using a Lash Serum while pregnant because most serums tackle the follicle directly which leads to the bloodstream. Another product I’ve been using to help with hair loss is Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. I add a scoop of this to my coffee every morning to not only help with hair growth but the elasticity of my skin. I’ve noticed that my skin elasticity has changed a lot especially in my legs and arms, so increasing my collagen intake has helped bring tightness back to my skin in those areas. However, make sure to approve collagen and caffeine by your doctor first. My doctor allowed 1 cup of caffeine a day and let me tell you - you’re not going to want to skip a morning without it. 
Another product I don’t ever skip is my body oils - I have a few favorites here. Bio-oil skincare oil is my current favorite for many reasons. It’s formulated to improve the appearance of scars and stretch marks and leaves my skin feeling super hydrated and plump. Summer Fridays Bellymoon and Hatch body oil are also great for preventing stretch marks - they all kinda do the same thing so pick a favorite and start lathering!
As for prenatal vitamins I have been using Thorne Basic Prenatal and added in their Omega 3 Plus to help with the production of the baby's brain cells. Thorne Iron Bisglycinate is another vitamin my doctor recommends I take due to being slightly anemic. He suggested I also add Iron to my vitamin intake and add foods that are high in iron such as spinach, broccoli, red meats, quinoa, and thankfully dark chocolate!  I also take Moon Juice Magnesi-om - I’ve been experiencing severe aura headaches more commonly due to hormone changes so adding magnesium to my daily intake has helped prevent this from happening so often. Lastly, I take B6 to help with nausea - from weeks 8-12 I was experiencing serious morning sickness and was throwing up as soon as I woke up. My doctor suggested I take B6 before bed to help me get through the next day and it’s definitely helped!
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