The Science Behind Lash Serums: Do Lash Growth Serums Really Work?

July 14, 2021
If there’s one thing we’re certain of, it’s the universal desire by women to have longer and fuller lashes. Over the years, we’ve seen clients and friends put their lashes through a lot. From clunky mascara formulas to highly concentrated lash serums to heavy set lash extensions, the struggle to get naturally fluffy lashes was very real. The problem we found was that many of these solutions never really addressed the real problem behind thin and sparse lashes which is hair growth. Like any other hair that grows on the body, lashes also have follicles. And while volume boosting mascara and natural looking lash extensions can give you that desired effect of fuller lashes, they are really just a temporary fix. Luckily for you, here at Treats Beauty we created a lash growth serum that not only solves this commonly faced issue, but is also safe and made with natural ingredients.
What is a Lash Growth Serum?
A lash growth serum uses active ingredients to stimulate the follicle and nourish existing lashes to help maintain and promote longer and fuller lashes. Truthfully, the term “growth” is slightly misleading. There are only a few ingredients that will stimulate new growth from the follicle, one of them being in the prescription only serum Latisse. However, these ingredients come with harsh side effects, primarily eye discoloration. We know what you’re thinking— why buy any other product if Latisse has the only ingredient to stimulate new growth? Well the truth is there are other products that are safer and better for your eyes that don’t necessarily stimulate new growth, but actually rehab your current lash follicle. Let us explain.
The Science Behind Natural Lash Growth Serums
There are two key parts to achieving fuller and longer lashes— the follicle and the eyelash. 
To enhance growth within your lashes you must catch each follicle as it’s preparing to grow or when it’s the process of growing. This is why many brands advertise constant use for at least 6 to 8 weeks. With the help of various polypeptides, these ingredients work together to stimulate the follicle for growth, create a stronger root that is more anchored and won’t cause breakage, as well as slow down the aging process of hair to help hair grow longer. 
The next key component is the eyelash itself. In order to get that eye opening fluffy look, it is important to make sure lashes remain nourished and moisturized. Making sure your lashes are properly conditioned is what helps create the look of darker more dramatic looking lashes. This also creates a soothing effect that will decrease irritation which is one of the main causes of eyelash loss. 
Are Lash Serums Safe?
Yes. If used correctly, lash serums can be both safe and effective. You should always follow the specific instructions based on the brand you are using but most recommend daily consistent use for at least 6 weeks. 
If you experience any adverse reactions, redness, swelling, or irritation you should discontinue use and speak to your doctor. 
Natural Lash Growth Serums vs Prescription Growth Serums?
While there are many over the counter brands for lash serums, there is only one popular prescription growth serum. Latisse is the most well-known and only FDA approved growth serum on the market today. However, while proven effective it does come with advertised side effects, such as eye discoloration. Not to mention it's pretty costly and also not safe to use with eyelash extensions.
If you’re like us, over the years we’ve made a conscious effort to migrate all our frequently used beauty products to be absent of any harmful or toxic ingredients. We’ve also seen a shift in the beauty industry with many well-known brands advertising cleaner products. We believe this is because there is a way to achieve a desired look while still being mindful of what products you’re putting on to your body. 
The Takeaway: Treat Yourself
Here at Treats Beauty, we know you can have both and we want to give you both. When the time came to design our Lash Treat, it was important to keep our ingredients natural while also still creating a serum that was effective. As lash technicians, we also saw a wide range of clients who wanted to use a serum to maintain their natural lashes without giving up the ability to still have lash extensions. This is why we also created a formula that was oil-free without jeopardizing the effectiveness. While there is a lot of science and formulation that goes into many lash growth serums, at the end of the day giving yourself longer, fuller looking lashes should be a fun experience.
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