The Science Behind Lip Plumpers: How Do Lip Plumpers Work?

October 08, 2021

It’s no secret that lip injections have become a craze in the non-surgical beauty world. Women (and men) everywhere are looking to get that irresistible pouty look. But over time lip fillers have gotten expensive and require an extreme amount of trust in your go-to injector. So what if you want fuller lips without the price tag, commitment, and adverse effects of lip fillers? Thankfully there is a needle-free way to get that long-lasting pout.

Since 2017, lip plumpers have hit the beauty shelves giving lip injections a run for their money. Using activate ingredients, a lip-plumping gloss can create the same look as a lip filler for a fraction of the cost. Although lip plumpers aren’t as permanent, many have found to enjoy the flexibility in being able to reapply and re-plump when desired. 


So How Do Lip Plumpers Work?

Many brands use a combination of irritating ingredients and moisturizing properties to achieve that full-looking lip. Ingredients like cinnamon or methanol are commonly used in lip plumpers to create mild irritation when applied to the lips. This irritation causes blood to rush to the surface of the lips causing a temporary plumping effect due to swelling. Some brands also focus on moisturizing the lips which can create a look of fullness due to its shine. However, most lip-plumping glosses that use these ingredients advertise that while the results are dramatic, the long-lasting effects are temporary. 

 lip plumper plumping gloss

What makes Lip Treat better than other lip plumping glosses?

When we set out to create Lip Treat we knew there was a way to create a good plumping gloss without completely irritating the lips. We know that big red pout looks great, but that burn can be painful and it’s certainly not for everyone! The main ingredients which make Lip Treat your go-to plumping gloss are hyaluronic acid, peppermint, and jojoba oil. Hyaluronic acid is a great alternative to other irritation agents because it’s a natural hydrating ingredient found in skin and tissue. This ingredient is used in a lot of skincare products because it has the ability to hold a thousand times its weight in water which makes it perfect for plumping and moisturizing. Many studies have shown that this natural ingredient also works to create a long-lasting plumping effect over time. So your lips will actually start to look plumper with regular use for longer periods of time!

Peppermint Infused Lip Treat - $30

Ultimately, the choice between lip fillers and a plumping gloss is yours—we won’t judge you! But with many shifting towards more natural and clean beauty products we believe Lip Treat is the perfect treat for the lips that promotes a long-lasting plump, soothing, and hydrating effect. 


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