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About Us

Twin sisters Hannah and Haylee Harrison started their journey in the lash industry in 2014. At the age of 21 they opened up their second business together, Treat Yourself Studios, a beauty salon in the heart of Los Angeles. As lash technicians and esthetician’s they had one goal in mind - be the best at helping women achieve longer and fuller looking lashes. Now with thousands of clients serviced, a well-established business in Treat Yourself Studios, and an elite reputation in the lash industry, these sisters are ready to take on the beauty industry as a whole.

Our Mission

As the successful owners of Treat Yourself Studios, Hannah and Haylee have carved their place in the lash industry. Being master technicians and elite brand ambassadors, they’ve serviced a wide range of clients for years. However, they saw a huge lack in the lash industry for products that enhanced the growth of customers natural lashes while maintaining their lash extensions properly. Having built an entire business around helping customers to “Treat Yourself,” they knew they needed to find a suitable solution. After years of research, formulation, and testing they finally created a product line that solved their problem and they now get to treat customers too.

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